Keeping Current

2 Jan , 2016  

Updates or changes to RYA requirements for training centres, instructors and courses are issued in the form of Training Notices and Training Guidance.

  • Training Noticesare used to communicate fundamental changes to courses, training schemes, qualifications or recognition requirements, and their implementation date.
  • Training Guidanceis often issued to support a Training Notice. Guidance may give further details about how a Notice is to be implemented, such as coaching notes or recognition requirements for a new course. Training Guidance may also be issued independently of a Training Notice, in order to update policies or procedures.

Training Notices and Guidance documents are distributed by email to the relevant training centres and instructors, and will be featured in Wavelength. Some may also be sent out as hard copies. A full catalogue is available on the pages below.

Where appropriate, guidance will be incorporated in the relevant handbooks or documents for permanent reference.



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